aka php workshop is a 14 years old Company . We are simply best (and we mean it!!) agency for your virtual staff needs because:

(A)STAFF: We have a staff strength of 170+ in-house experienced staff as on 2018. Our Team is of college Graduates with “Excellent” English, Good command on Internet research and Windows based software.

(B)LOCATION: We are based in a small city in central India. Since we are located in a small City, we have the lowest attrition rate in the industry and Quality trained manpower stick with us for years. Our city is also situated in most peaceful part of India with no record of any natural calamity or any man-made problems like riots etc.

(C)WORK CULTURE: We are very strict about timelines. We have the best attention to details and we do QA. We DO NOT accept a project if we cant do it OR if we can’t deliver it on promised date. This is why we receive most of our business through references.

(D)AWARDS: We have been officially rated as No. 1 administrative support company in (now Upwork) in the past. We have various local awards in our kitty.

(E)DAILY COMMUNICATION & REPORTING: We are highly praised for our communication and reporting. We provide daily reporting in any format you like and we ask proactive questions. All the involved person in a project(Clients, Staff and QA team) use our Portal so that every body is on same page and backup staff can takeover project easily if needed.

(F)INFRASTRUCTURE: We have a high-reliability infrastructure to implement projects without any interruption like Backup Internet, Backup power along with the most important backup staff. We are in the process of building our new state of the art work-space nearby.

(G)EXPERIENCE: With our senior team’s experience of more than 12 years, We are highly technical and efficient. We have evolved ourselves to various process and tools to deliver the BEST WORK among listed categories of services.

(H)PRICING: Because of our Location advantage with its cheap infrastructure, low salaries and well managed operations! we offer one of the lowest pricing in Industry without any compromise on service quality. This is why companies Like “Amazon Inc” is our primary ongoing client from last 9 years.