StaffCloud, being one of the fast growing company in the BPO industry is an employee-friendly place and undoubtedly the best place to work in Gondia city. At StaffCloud, employee satisfaction holds as much importance as customer satisfaction. The company maintains this balance through its ‘Employee First’ policy.

Employee Benefits offered by StaffCloud:

Medical Insurance: At StaffCloud employees are entitled to ESIC (Employee State Insurance) and EPF (Employees Provident Fund) and eligible employees receive Medical benefits for complete Family from ESIC.

Personal Accidental Insurance: Employees of StaffCloud get remuneration cover based on total / partial disablement/death due to the accident.

Food Facility: Company provides free quality meal to all its employees.

Saturday Half day: We work an only half day on Saturday. Sunday is weekly off for a better work-life balance.

Recreation Sports Activities: At StaffCloud, we provide Table Tennis and conducts tournament, from time to time. Apart from that company cricket team plays tournaments with local teams.

Mobile allowances: Mobile allowance is provided to employees on the basis of business needs.

Loan facility: Company provides loan facility or financial assistance strictly based on Employee’s tenure with the company.

Performance-based Regular Increments: At StaffCloud, we have performance-based salary increments. Our employees are given salary increments in a year based upon performance appraisals.

Yearly Bonus: We pay handsome Yearly bonus to employees.

Regular Get together and other cultural programs: At StaffCloud, we organize cultural programs as and when possible. Through this program, the company provides its employees with the opportunity to showcase their talents in singing, acting, dancing, and other activities, etc. Organizations also conduct various sports programs such as Table Tennis, Cricket, etc. and regularly play matches with the teams of other organizations.

Employee Referral: We implement employee referral scheme to encourage our employees to refer friends and relatives for employment in the company.